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The Castro Valley community gathered Monday afternoon to break ground on the long awaited shared parking lot.  More than, “just a parking lot” County planners conceived the facility in the mid 2000’s with the goal of aggregating parking within the community’s retail core allowing patrons to park once to visit multiple destinations.  In addition to parking, the project converts underutilized spaces into pedestrian paseos promoting seating areas and outdoor dining further enhancing the placemaking within the community.

The shared parking lot resulted from the collaboration of five property owners who participated not only for their benefit, but to embrace the goals of the Castro Valley Streetscape completed in 2012.  The streetscape converted Castro Valley Boulevard into both a complete and green street, which achieved the goal of stimulating economic activity along the corridor.  The shared parking project extends the environmental stewardship led by the streetscape by incorporating pervious pavers and rain gardens, improving water quality within the San Lorenzo Creek watershed.

Since 2007, BKF Engineers has provided planning and design services to Alameda County including both the shared parking lot and Castro Valley Boulevard Streetscape.  Redgwick Construction Company will commence construction of the $4.8 million shared parking project in early April.  We invite you to support the retailers along Castro Valley Boulevard including those within the shared parking lot including Knudsen’s Restaurant-Ice Creamery, Joyful House, and Wend’s Café.

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