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We have designed an in-situ optical emission spectrometer with an optical fibre probe. This system consists of four optical fiber connected spectrometers for convenient and flexible on-line monitoring. The spectrometers cover a wavelength range 200 to 1100 nm, with resolution of 0.45 to 0.55 nm. It contains wavelength and intensity calibration kits, data acquisition and control software, as well as an interface with our expert software systems. The monitoring system is interfaced with our software systems, allowing users to detect, analyze and identify the results for real-time decision making.

The system is capable of:

  • Calibration based on extensive database
  • Detection of processes degradation to comprehend the drift in the processes due to time dependent environmental effects
  • Fault and impurity trace identification
  • Quantitative multi-element identification and
  • Real-time decision making

This system has been demonstrated in analysis of semiconductor etching process in a reactor measured by optical emission spectrometer. The system is capable of quantitative determination of the spectral degradation due to the time dependent drift in the reactor. The whole process, including calibration, analysis and identification, takes less than two minutes. Therefore, the software system can be used for real-time application.

This system has wide range of applications including nanomaterial processing, environmental characterisation, laser technology, astrophysics, plasma diagnostics, laboratory analytic chemistry, energy research, IC, and polymer material processing.

Our products and services have been demonstrated successfully in the following areas of application: publication and demonstration and material processing.

Our Track Record – Past Customers and Accomplishments

We are active in the scientific community, aiding major laboratories in the analysis of their own spectroscopic data-drawing on both our software products and our scientists in the area of spectroscopy. We are also published extensively on the scientific results obtained using our software tools in interaction with major laboratories across the country. The ability of our software product lines to provide real-time spectroscopic analysis has proved itself to be of particular importance in working with customers. In this vein, we have been working aggressively to construct all the necessary tools that will allow users instant and flawless interaction with spectrometers and sensors on a real time basis, allowing for both the calibration of sensors and/or real-time analysis of spectroscopic data.

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