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Ok, so you think you have the knowledge and the experience. But have you got what it takes to be a great engineer? What makes a great engineer you ask?

Well, if you look at the greatest engineers of all time, you will notice that they all shared common similarities. Apart from the obvious drive ambition, these remarkable engineers possessed a solid passion and an untiring desire for engineering. This is why Edison continued to go on after 1000 failures, why Ford pursued his idea while everybody else was satisfied with horse-drawn carriages and what led Leonardo Di Vinci being the biggest visionary of all time.

What makes a great engineer is not just having specialist knowledge of a certain subject matter but also having the passion, drive and a “create the best the world has ever seen” type of attitude. By applying these qualities along with possessing the following attributes below you are on your way to becoming a great engineer.

Strong analytical aptitude: Great engineers show excellent analytical skills, are naturally inquisitive and are always thinking of ways to get things to work better.

Strong attention to detail: The slightest error can cause an entire project to fail. A great engineer will pay excellent attention to detail and will ensure that all details are reviewed thoroughly during the duration of a project.

Creative: A great engineer is creative and has to ability to think “outside the box” to come up with new and innovative ideas.

Excellent communication skills: A great engineer has excellent communication skills. They have to ability to explain complex technical terms and communicate effectively to clients and colleagues.

Team player: Great engineers know that they are working as part of a team to make one project come together successfully and, therefore, must work well as part of that team.

Continuously furthering their educating: Changes in industry happen rapidly. A great engineer keeps themselves up to date with these developments.

Logical thinker: The greatest engineers have superior logical skills. They have the ability to make sense of complicated systems and have a good understanding how things work and how problems arise.

Mathematically inclined: Engineering is a complex science that involves intricate calculations of varying difficulty. A great engineer has excellent math skills.

Problem solving skills: A great engineer has top notch problem solving skills. An engineer is called upon everyday to address problems. They must be able to figure out where the problem comes from and quickly arise to a solution.

Excellent technical knowledge: A great engineer ensures that they have a strong understanding of a wide range of computer systems and other systems that are frequently used during an engineering project.

This may sound obtuse, but a great engineer is the kind of person who would buy a pre-owned vehicle and tune it up so it was better than new.

The need for man to invent new technologies is as old as humanity itself. The labors and achievements of the following engineers have made enormous impacts on society and the world we live in today. We thank you.

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